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Deadman Exorcism

€ 5,00 (inclusief btw 9%)
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Deadman Exorcism

  • Comic
  • Publisher: DC Comics (1992)
  • Language: English
  • Author: Mike Baron
  • Illustrator: Kelley Jones

Insanity has at last claimed Deadman as he embraces madness to escape the loneliness of his existence. For the first time, Boston Brand truly becomes a ghost in heart and mind, bitter and vengeful and ready to wreak havoc on any living person unlucky enough to cross his path. DEADMAN: EXORCISM revisits the angst-ridden world of Deadman in his new home, a deserted Vermont church - a church not even he realizes is the deadly nexus of an arcane convergence. Swept into that vortex along with him are the Phantom Stranger, Madame Waxahachie, a trio of evil spirits and a plague of demons seeking to escape from Hell. Written by Mike Baron, with art and cover by Kelley Jones. Prestige Format. Suggested for Mature Readers. Cover price $4.95.

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