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X-calibre comic books issue 2

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X-calibre comic books issue 2

Warren Ellis continues to be the strongest writer in this series, with another excellent issue. X-Calibre is easily my favorite series in AoA, and it’s almost entirely due to the writing. The pacing is perfect. The twists are deftly executed and fit perfectly within the logic of the story and the characters. Everything makes sense; nothing’s done without consideration for how the characters would act. The art takes a bit of a dive this issue, but that’s the only thing that I can say against this issue, really.

We resume after Destiny’s vision, in which Avalon is reduced to ash. We then return to Ghost Dance as it’s raided by the Madri and everyone is killed. Poor John Proudstar can’t stay alive no matter what timeline he’s in.

There’s more disaster as a faulty air filtration unit means that the refugees headed to Avalon are choking to death. The submarine surfaces but the doors are electrictronally sealed and there’s no way for the refugees to get out. The crew decides to send up flares and try to signal a nearby ship.

They’re saved by Callisto and her crew, but some of the refugees die before they can cut through to them. Kurt didn’t save anyone, but instead teleported out to save himself.

The submarine is being followed by Mirage, Damask, and Deadpool. Initially they were just going to follow Kurt, and then tell Apocalypse where Avalon is, but now Apocalypse has decided to send another group in behind them. Together, the two groups will destroy Avalon.

After receiving her new orders, Damask decides to kill Mirage. It’s unclear if it’s because she’s simply annoyed by Mirage, or upset about the change in plans.

Callisto agrees to take the refugees the rest of the way to Avalon, but I’m pretty sure she’s just going to murder them all. Annnd I am not wrong, because she almost immediately opens up the ballast tank they’re in and drops them all into the sea.

Kurt survives because he’s been hiding this whole time, but this time he can’t just sit by and watch the senseless killing. So he decides to avenges their deaths by killing the crew.

The last one left is Callisto, but they’re in a standoff and it could easily go either way. Ah, but then Mystique shows up to break the tie. Yes. Good.

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