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PS/PS2 to USB Adapters

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PS/PS2 to USB Adapters


Product name:PS2

accessories,ps2 super dual box advance

Product Features:

PSX Compatible Controller Adapter For PC USB (PS/PS2 Dancing Mat also! Push "start+select+up" for 3 seconds,it will switch to PS/PS2 dancing pad mould automatically).

Real Vibration Feedback supported

Convert your PSX Joypad, Racing Wheel, Dancing controller to be used on PC.

Support all of the buttons on your PSX Controller.

Easy to use, hot-plug into USB socket of your PC and install the driver, then it works perfectly.

Support Real Vibration Feedback by using Dual-Shock on the supported games, not the others which are driven by sound effect.

Compatible with Win 98, Win98SE, Win ME or Win 2000/XP, together with the DirectX 7.0a or above

Support both Digital and Analog modes.

Support 4 types of vibration 1. Constant Force 2. Sine Force 3. Spring Force 4. Ramp Force Two players can play at the same time.

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