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Philips PAL TV Pattern Generator

€ 49,95 (inclusief btw 21%)
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Philips PAL TV Pattern Generator type: PM 5509

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Versatile instrument of compact, light-weight construction;

ideal for both workhop and field servicing. Facilities include:

  • 10 test patterns modulated on a very "clean" RF carrier electronically tunable to most TV channels (including IF)
  • Chroma and chroma-burst signals continuously adjustable, 0 - 100%
  • Attenuation of RF output by 60 dB
  • Modulation RF carrier with external video signal
  • Sound output may be varied extensivily and switched off
  • Also, carrier can be modulated with internal 1 Khz sinewave or an external signal (e.g. record player) 
  • Sound/Vision ratio is 12.5 dB
  • Additional sync outputs fot video and VCR use


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€ 59,95

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