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Satlook Mark III DiSEqC

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Satlook Mark III DiSEqC

Perfect working condition

EMITOR SATLOOK Mark III DiSEqC is a measuring-instrument developed in Sweden for exact
alignment and adjustment of satellite-dishes. The instrument is provided with a 4.5" B/W-
monitor which either shows normal TV-channel or the frequency spectrum 950-2150 MHz.
It's very easy to detect satellite signals in the spectral-mode and the spectrum can be expanded
for correct adjustment of the polarisation. Channel search is done with a large knob on the
side of the instrument or by help of the two digit LED-display on the front-panel.
Switching between spectrum/TV-mode is made easy by pushing a button. The polarisation of the LNB is switchable 13V/ 18V and the Hi-Lo band with 22 kHz-tone. Both
functions are indicated with LED ́s. The instrument is protected from short-circuit when connecting the LNB. The DiSEqC-function controls all DiSEqC-accessories (like switches and LNB ́s). The function is easily implemented and very flexible to use. Sound-frequencies between 5.5-8.5 MHz can be tuned in and listened to. The power of the instrument is supplied by a built in and rechargeable battery. The battery is recharged from the extern al battery charger or the car-adaptor.
Recharging of the battery is supervised by a microprocessor which sense when charging of the
battery is maximized. This is also indicated with "CH" on the two digit LED-display.
Even though the instrument has a lot of fun ctions it is still very easy and flexible.
SATLOOK Mark III DiSEqC weights only about 3.5 kg incl. the battery and the carrying-case.

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