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The Real Ghostbusters - peter Venkman

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The Real Ghostbusters - peter Venkman

Real Ghostbusters Screaming Heroes Action Figure

Uitgebracht door: Kenner

Jaar van uitgave: 1984

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Peter Venkman is one of three doctors of parapsychology on the Ghostbusters team. He holds Ph.D.s in both parapsychology and psychology. Originally his professional interests were focused on paranormal phenomena like ESP; he appeared not to believe in ghosts until he actually saw one. In the movies, he is characterized by his flippant persona, his approach to his profession as a scientific charlatan, and his womanizing demeanor. Fred Pfeil sees in him a postmodern hero, whose level of "crass self-interest" safeguards him from being ensnared by a stereotypical role.

Despite Peter's lackadaisical attitude, from time to time he has created inventions that help the Ghostbusters save the day, and he is shrewd and more street-smart than either Ray Stantz or Egon Spengler. Peter serves as the front man for the group and possesses more social ability than the more academically inclined Ray and Egon. For instance, he is the one who is able to persuade the city mayor to release them after being arrested, return their equipment and otherwise support their attempt to stop Gozer.


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