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Triple Changers - Octane

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Triple Changers - Octane


Toy Line: Transformers
Series: G1
Subgroup: Triple Changers
Alliance: Decepticon
Year: 1986


Octane transforms into a non-descript conventional sleeper cab semi, pulling a large chrome tandem-axle fuel tanker trailer. Interestingly, this is the only non-cabover semi truck depicted in G1. This mode is lacking in detail and realism, however, and largely relies on stickers to imply the shape and details of the cab. The trailer has one pair of rolling wheels, and one pair of non-rolling faux wheels. The cab has one pair of rolling purple wheels housed by the blocky front fenders. The rear cab wheels, however, are only represented by a pair of circular red stickers on the purple blocks that form Octane's arms. Between the arms, the cab is supported by a small landing-gear-like pair of rollers.

The airliner mode is formed by rotating the trailer sides out to form the wings, removing the large chrome cover, and folding the rear wheel segment around to form the cockpit. The cab of the truck folds around on itself, clasping the gray tailfin/shield to form the tail. Finally, halves of the fuselage slide to line up, and the purple arm-blocks form the underwing turbofan engines. This mode is more accurate, using molded and stickered details to represent the plane.

The robot mode is formed from the truck by removing the trailer top, separating the legs, and folding the entire truck cab down to form the chest. In this mode, he can wield his purple rifle, mount the trailer top as a shield on the peg on his arm, and (ostensibly) wield the opened up tail fin in his hand as a shield. He features little robot mode detail that is not used for either the truck or jet mode, other than his sculpted blocky fists and his head.


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