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Jaar van uitgave: 2017

Valvotron is a non-transforming articulated action figure sold by Valvoline as a promotion for The Last Knight. Despite lacking the ability to do so, the figure is designed to appear to transform into a Valvoline oil canister, with a chest that looks like an engine manifold. Early renders of the 5.5-inch tall toy had a greenish-grey color to the areas that would later be gloss black in the final product. There seems to have been several methods to get Valvotron. He could be won as a prize for submitting five receipts for oil changes from Valvoline. Another promotion was purchasing a "full synthetic oil change". A free Autobot symbol shaped lunchbox could be won as part of this promotion for no purchase necessary; this promotion ran from May 15 through July 15, 2017. Another promotion offered the figure as a prize for buying 5 quarts of any Valvoline synthetic motor oil; this offer expired July 26, 2017.


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