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Autobot Ratchet

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Autobot Ratchet

Ratchet is the Autobots' Chief Medical Officer. If something's broke, he can fix it. Ratchet is known for his irreverent bedside manner; he loves having a good time, and his party-loving nature has given him a dry wit. He is not a particularly mighty warrior, which sometimes leads him to believe that he is expendable. Optimus Prime has trouble convincing Ratchet that this is far from the truth.

Although he's a healer, Ratchet often finds himself on the front lines of combat and, on occasion, the last hope the Autobots have. These pressures are sometimes too much for him to handle, but Ratchet ultimately never gives up.

His vehicle mode sometimes splits into his robot and a separate component. In some universes, he can combine with his fellow Autobots to form Defensor, Sky Reign or Modulus.

In some timelines, Ratchet becomes the last Autobot alive, thus taking on the moniker The Autobot.


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