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Animated Leader Class - Megatron

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Animated Leader Class - Megatron

Year: 2008

If you were to ask Megatron to describe himself in one word, he'd probably go with "heroic". He sees himself as a freedom fighter leading the Decepticons in a righteous struggle against "Autobot tyranny". The fact he's hoping to replace that with Decepticon tyranny isn't really a concern... to him, at least. A fanatic at spark, he revels in every Autobot who suffers at Decepticon hands and doesn't register beings like humans as anything more than "collateral damage."

Megatron demands loyalty from the Decepticons as a whole, loyalty he gains through his fear and awe-inspiring power and abilities. With the combined threat of a sharp mind, his signature fusion cannon, a pair of deadly swords and simple brute strength there aren't many who would dare cross him. Still, he has no problem occasionally manhandling his troops as a gentle reminder.

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