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Wollensak 3M

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Wollensak 3M

Wollensak 3M Model 2873 Cassette System for sale. This machine is for automating slide shows with audio. You can record what you want and sync it with the particular slide it would be about and advance the slide projector on to the next slide. This is especially useful for presentations when the person knowledgeable about the slides might not be there to present them. This unit has been tested to power on and to make sure the cassette motor works to forward, rewind, and play. Sound has been tested and works perfectly.This unit is works with the following projectors:

Kodak Ektagraphic series B2, E2, AF2 anf AF3

Bell & Howell 745c, and 747

Graflex SM-1000, SM-400RC

Dukane Micromatic Series 14A650B, 14A390F, 28A15A, 28A9F

Dukane Flip Top Series 14A50CE, 14A543D

Dukane AV-Matic Series 14A285E, 28A11A, 28A6B

The included sync cable is the Kodak series type so if you have another type of projector, you would need to find a different sync cable.

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€ 19,95

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