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High Frontier - An SDI Wargame

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High Frontier - An SDI Wargame

Cassette for Commodore 64/128

Uitgave: 1987 - Activision

The most controversialdefence policy this decade, known variously as SDI. Star Wars or Reagan's Ray Guns, the Strategic Defence Initiative is either hailed as mankinds salvation or damned as an unworkable provocation. In High Frontier you are the project leader committing staff and funds to make SDI a reality. You deploy the satellite defence system as the world teeters on the brink of nuclear oblivion, and you must make the decisions that could save the American mainland..or devastate it.

A joystick controlled, icon driven strategic simulation that's hopefully as near as you'll ever get to the real thing....or is it? 

Ook interessant

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€ 12,50

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